Mumps Technologies

Mumps Technologies is one of the major experts in the solution of sparse linear systems of equations, AX= B, using direct methods.

In many fields (geophysics, structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, …) the solution of sparse linear systems of equations is one of the most critical and costly part (in terms of computer time and memory usage) of a numerical simulation.
The time spent in the solution of the linear systems typically reaches 80% of the total time for the simulation. Moreover, the numerical simulation often leads to linear systems that are large and, sometimes, ill-conditioned. It is then fundamental to rely on sparse solvers able to solve large systems while achieving high performance and maintaining numerical stability.

Mumps Tech maintains and develops the MUMPS solver and co-organizes the MUMPS User Days.

Many issues remain open: minimization of energy consumption, further reduction of the complexity of the approaches, computation of precision-controlled solutions, provision of new algorithms that meet the need for massive data processing. Mumps Technologies pursues R&D and continues transferring it into an “up-to-date” tool, MUMPS, to face the evolution of the size and difficulty of the problems, but also to take into account profound changes in hardware architectures.

Our research projects are in the field of applied mathematics and computer science.

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