Mumps Technologies provides services through a subscription agreement.

Three levels of subscription are available: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

a/ Short-term software patches X XX
b/ Supportstandardadvancedadvanced
c/ Monitoring of software performance, exchanges on a set of test cases and tuning XX
d/ Annual meeting with the client
e/ Annual meeting of the community of “Gold” subscribersX
f/ Privileged access to upgrades (*)X
(*) According to client’s profile

The Gold subscription gives a framework for collaborations and partnerships around the MUMPS software between the clients and Mumps Technologies.
It grants access to the latest upgrades of the MUMPS solver before they are released in the public versions and allows the Gold subscribers to identify their common needs, share experiences and work together to suggest a particular joint interest development.

For more information about the subscription agreement please contact contact[@]mumps-tech [dot]com

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